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2013-14 Policies & Procedures

Academy Closings

  • There are no classes on the day of the performances or during the week prior to the performances, which is solely devoted to rehearsals.
  • Classical Ballet Theatre follows Fairfax County Public School's inclement weather closings regardless of road conditions at the time of class. Recorded announcements will be posted on the studio phone.
  • Classical Ballet Theatre is open on all Fairfax County Public School Teacher Work days.


  • Consistent attendance is required to master curriculum at each level. Missed classes should be made up at a level below the student's current level. Make-up forms which are required for Pinky/Cavalier and Upper Division dancers are found on the bookshelf in the lobby. Forms should be completed and given to the class instructor.
  • Students have the entire year to make up missed classes. CBT does not provide refunds, credits or apply tuition to future programs because of missed classes. No exceptions.
  • Students must be punctual to class. No student will be allowed to participate if she/he misses the first ten minutes of class. The student will be asked to observe the class and complete an observation form which can be found in the bottom drawer of the file cabinet in the lobby.
  • Injured dancers are encouraged to come observe class and complete an observation form so they are familiar with the curriculum, combinations and corrections being taught when they return to class.
  • Absences should be called in or emailed to the academy.


It is our goal to keep the CBA families well informed of all activities and events. To do this we use three methods:

  1. E-mail: updates are sent on a regular basis so it is important that we have a current email address for each family. Upper Division families may want to include the dancer's email as well. If your email address changes during the year please be sure to inform the office.
  2. Bulletin Board: important information is posted on the Bulletin Boards in the lobby so please be sure to read them frequently. If you are in the habit of dropping your child off at the academy you need to remember to come inside at least once a week to check the boards for new information.
  3. Mail Folders: each student is given a mail folder in the file cabinet in the lobby. This file should be checked weekly, more often during performance time.

*Please Note: The faculty and staff are happy to answer any questions or discuss concerns with parents and students, however please respect their time. Please do not contact faculty or staff at their homes or engage them before and after class. If you leave a message at the academy with the best way and time to contact you the faculty/staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

Dress Code

  • Dancers must wear the uniform for their level (see separate sheet). No skirts or leg warmers.
  • Hair must be secured sleekly in a bun with a hair net. (Jazz & Modern students may wear their hair in a pony tail.) Short hair must be pulled back neatly off the face. Gentlemen must have hair cut neatly and off the face.
  • Dancers without ballet shoes, uniform, and improper hairstyle will be asked to sit down and observe.
  • No jewelry except stud earrings. No colored fingernail polish allowed in class.
  • Leather ballet slippers only.


  • Students are expected to be courteous and respectful with each other and the faculty at all times. A positive environment helps promote a quality program for all dancers.
  • Personal items need to be stored properly when at the academy (in ballet bags, cubbies, etc.) and trash needs to be thrown away or recycled.
  • Lower Division students need to be under parental supervision when not in the classroom and picked up promptly after class. No student should be left unsupervised for any reason. Siblings of any age may not be left unsupervised in the studio. Parents will be charged a late pick up fee of $15 for each 10 minutes a parent is late at the end of the day.
  • Please keep the noise level to a minimum in the lobby (especially by the viewing window) while classes/rehearsals are in progress.


All students in Ballet 1 through Ballet 4 are invited to perform and students in Pinky through Pre Professional are required to perform in the Classical Ballet Theatre's productions throughout the year. Additional performance opportunities are available to the Pinky and Upper Division dancers throughout the year. Casting is determined by the choreographers and artistic director with a dancer's ability, artistic qualities, attendance rate and attitude being considered in the process. Please do not contact the artistic staff in an effort to change casting.

There will be a Mandatory Parents Meeting prior to each performance where parents will learn production details as well as have the opportunity to sign up for the required 4 jobs (minimum) necessary to ensure a successful and positive experience for their children.

Rehearsal & Production Rules & Etiquette

  • Dancers must attend 90% of the their classes per week during rehearsal periods to retain a roll in the performance.
  • Only 2 rehearsals may be missed to maintain a role in the program
  • Absences must be reported. If you know in advance of an expected absence (planned family trip, etc.) enter it on the Calendar posted by the cubbies. If an absence is sudden (illness, injury, family emergency) please call the office and the absence will be recorded by the staff.
  • Dress code rules as stated above apply to rehearsals except that any color leotard may be worn.
  • Students and parents need to abide by all rules outlined in the Performance Handbook or the dancer will be dismissed from the production.

Photography during Classes

Video and still photography during classes either through the window or at the door is not allowed because it disrupts the class. You will be able to take video and photos during Observation Classes.

Private Lessons

For dancers registered in a full academy program a private lesson with one of the faculty members may be arranged by completing a Private Lesson Form found on the bookcase in the lobby. Submit the completed form to the Administrative Office and you will be contacted with an arranged time. A one hour lesson is $65 made payable to the individual instructor teaching the lesson. Private lessons are subject to availability of faculty members and studio space.

Tuition Payments & Late Fees

  • Tuition for Ballet 1 through Pre Professional is an annual commitment and may be paid for the entire year or utilizing one of our payment plans (with an additional installment fee). Failure to fulfill your tuition commitment will result in legal action.
  • The Children's Division students pay by the session so they may choose to pay by cash or check by the first day of each session. A $15 late fee will be assessed beginning the Monday after payments are due.
  • No Refunds or credits are given for any reason.