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Students enter the Lower Division at age 7 to begin their formal study of classical ballet technique. All levels of the Lower Division are instructed in the components of the Vaganova syllabus with careful attention to body placement, learning in a group setting, ballet decorum and self discipline.

Placement Classes

New students with prior ballet training must contact our Administrator to arrange for an audition class with the Artistic Director to determine class placement.


Students are promoted to the next level of study when they have successfully mastered the technical vocabulary of their current level. In May/June students present an annual exam for the entire faculty to determine class placement for the following year. Students are most successful if they participate in all of the recommended classes for their level of study.

Ballet 1

Two Ballet 1 technique classes per week

Classical ballet terminology and basic exercises are introduced at the barre and in the center. Emphasis is on the positioning of the feet and arms, carriage of the body, posture and an introduction to basic stretching. This class is required for all beginners regard-less of age. No experience necessary.

Ballet 2

Two Ballet 2 technique classes per week

Students begin to develop a more extensive, repetitive technical vocabulary that ensures the technical development of balance, flexibility, vertical body positioning, strength and turnout.

Ballet 3

Three Ballet 3/4 technique classes per week

Students continue to develop their technical vocabulary as strength, flexibility, turnout and balance continue to be stressed. Movement patterns become more complex and musically intricate.

Ballet 4

Three Ballet 3/4 technique classes per week, 1 Modern class (Jazz may be added for a nominal fee)

Young women begin preparation for Pointe work with a focus on foot and ankle strength. Young men prepare for aerial work.

Young Men

Boys class + classes required for their level (Boys class may be substituted for 1 regular level class)

The fundamentals of male classical technique are presented by our Artistic Director, Alisher Saburov. These classes provide a focus on strength, stamina, conditioning, coordination, agility and fun specifically for young men.

Pinky & Cavalier Program

Four Pinky/Cavalier classes per week, 1 Modern Class, Jr. Company (Jazz may be added)

A small, select group of young dancers from the Lower Division, this group of students will train intensively five times per week under the direction of select faculty members. Young people are invited into this program based on their physical and mental potential to be successful in a comprehensive training program. These dancers must train a minimum of 4 weeks during the sum-mer. One week must be of Repertory Camp.

Lower Division Modern

Dancers are introduced to the basic techniques of Horton, Martha Graham and Paul Taylor. Musicality, muscle control and coordination are stressed. Participants must have at least 2 years of ballet training.