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“Classical Ballet Theatre exists to awaken and nurture the dancer within you.”

CBT has created a unique educational environment that nurtures artistic development in the art of dance for your individual emerging artist. CBT creates opportunities to develop, grow, explore and learn life lessons with exceptional professional faculty who are dedicated to passing the art form to the next generation of artists. Let us collaborate with you to encourage the development of your child’s natural artistic abilities so they may reach their potential.

Classical Ballet Theatre's Core Values

Integrity: We say what we mean and mean what we say. We take responsibility for our actions.

Honesty: We adhere to the highest ethical and moral principles associated with dance education.

Inclusion: We include all levels of training and opportunity for all of our students.

Respect: Each student is shown professional consideration and is shown how to behave as such in our levels of instruction.

Individual Care: We educate each student as a unique emerging artist with individual programming and creative opportunity. No exceptions.

Striving for Excellence: We work to further the development in all areas of the educational experience we provide.

Creation of Opportunities: We create situations that are appropriate, and enlightening, in order to further a dancers desire to achieve, with Master Classes, Workshops and Performing Experiences.

At CBT, we believe that: “In Every Child There Lives a Dancer.”