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Upper Division Contemporary Technique Program

As boys and girls move into the Upper Division and wish to pursue contemporary dance training, the curriculum continues emphasizing a strong classical technique, flow of movement and the challenge of complex contemporary technique based on the movement patterns and techniques Horton, Graham, Limon, Taylor and Humphrey. Students are placed according to age, experience and ability. They follow a structured sequence of training stag-es designed to increase technical ability, stamina and strength. The program includes ballet technique, pointe, contemporary technique, conditioning, and contemporary repertoire. Inherent in the teaching of dance is frequent correction. Students are frequently verbally and/or physically guided by the teacher to ensure proper alignment and physical development. Participants of this program must have at least 5 years of ballet training.


Full time Upper Division dancers are expected to perform in the "Evening with CBT" performance, as well as Out-reach and community Contemporary presentations. Students who qualify to train in the Upper Division but choose not to perform may train in the Upper Division, other than the Pre Professional level. Upper Division students must maintain training for a minimum of 5 weeks during the summer months. Additionally, Upper Division Contemporary dancers are required to participate in one week of CBT Contemporary Camp during the month of August.

Placement Classes

New students must contact our Administrator for an audition class to determine class placement.


Students are promoted to the next level of study when they have successfully mastered the technical requirements of their current level. At year end students present an annual exam for the entire faculty to determine class placement for the following year. Students are most successful if they participate in all of the recommended classes for their level of study.

Contemporary Technique Program Levels

Intermediate Level

Three Intermediate Technique/Pointe, Conditioning, Three Contemporary Technique

Advanced Level

Three Advanced Technique/Pointe, Conditioning, Three Contemporary Technique

Pre Professional Level

Three Pre Professional Technique/Pointe, Conditioning, Three Contemporary Technique