Excellence for Every Child

As I often do, this morning I found myself mesmerized watching Classical Ballet Theatre’s company members immerse themselves in a modern class instructed by Artist in Residence Gillmer Duran. I say they were “taking a class,” but it seemed much more than that as they moved through their bodies and across the floor. All of the students were absolutely beautiful. Perhaps it was their years of training or their obvious joy of movement, or, as it was soon pointed out to me, perhaps it was the diverse gifts they bring with them.

“They are all different shapes and sizes,” enthusiastically commented a mother of a much younger dancer taking a class in an adjacent studio. She is right. Some are powerhouses with as much hang time as any basketball player; some are perfecters of challenging technique; and still others are open books oozing with artistic expression. Together, they form a company of diverse and successful artists who look forward to every opportunity to share their love of dance.

But, it isn’t just their inherent gifts. Each student has received the care of Classical Ballet Theatre’s faculty members. Under the leadership of Executive Director Cynthia Donavin, these esteemed faculty members welcome every dancer and focus on each student’s personal development. There are no favorites. Through a rigorous American Ballet Theatre ballet curriculum, contemporary dance training, master classes, and multiple performance opportunities, every one of the dancers have the opportunity and personal attention to develop to his/her full potential.

Thank you, Classical Ballet Theatre, for keeping your promise of excellence for every child.

— A CBT Parent, Going on 8 Years and Loving It!