“…the secret choreography of our 100 billion brain cells…” — Sarah Kaufman‬

Sarah Kaufman delves into the mechanics of grace in her August 7, 2015 article entitled “Leap Into Grace.” http://sarahlkaufman.com/2015/08/leap-into-grace/

camilleShe explains, “Robots can beat us at chess but they cannot approach the ease of ordinary human motion. Breaking down the miracle of movement is beyond the reach of science, but there is not much mystery to how we canbecome even better, more graceful movers. It’s pretty simple: Practice. ‘Grace is the growth of habit,’ wrote eighteenth-century French moralist Joseph Joubert. ‘This charming quality requires practice if it is to become lasting.'”

It’s no wonder that ballet requires practice, practice, and more practice to make extremely difficult movements appear effortless. We often talk of “beautiful feet,” “beautiful port de bras,” and “beautiful lines.” To this list, we also add “beautiful brain.”

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