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In the May 19, 2014 article “With a slip of the foot…,” dance writer Rachel Thomas explains “Time spent in the studio is often integral to the development of new works, as choreographers take inspiration from their dancers and the individual qualities of their bodies.”…/with-a-slip-of-the-foot-how-rehears…

Classical Ballet Theatre knows this well and is thrilled to offer area professional and professional track dancers real-world experience with renowned choreographers. During the week of August 31st, Lauren Edson, a highly awarded choreographer and former company member of the Trey McIntyre Project, will teach dancers and create an inspiring new work! Interested dancers who have yet to register should call (703) 471-0750 soonest!

“…the secret choreography of our 100 billion brain cells…” — Sarah Kaufman‬

Sarah Kaufman delves into the mechanics of grace in her August 7, 2015 article entitled “Leap Into Grace.”

camilleShe explains, “Robots can beat us at chess but they cannot approach the ease of ordinary human motion. Breaking down the miracle of movement is beyond the reach of science, but there is not much mystery to how we canbecome even better, more graceful movers. It’s pretty simple: Practice. ‘Grace is the growth of habit,’ wrote eighteenth-century French moralist Joseph Joubert. ‘This charming quality requires practice if it is to become lasting.'”

It’s no wonder that ballet requires practice, practice, and more practice to make extremely difficult movements appear effortless. We often talk of “beautiful feet,” “beautiful port de bras,” and “beautiful lines.” To this list, we also add “beautiful brain.”

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“… an incredible source of inspiration, drive, knowledge, and support for more than half of my life….nurtured and instilled in us the personal qualities that would make us better dancers and better people as well.”
– Shanna Gayer, Current Student of Physical Therapy, Formerly Performed with Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre and Texture Contemporary Ballet

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Can cross-training really help improve your technique and enhance your dancing?


Yes it can! — if you can find “…workouts that will benefit your dancing without building bulky muscles or putting you at risk for injury,” according to Dance Spirit Magazine’s February 15, 2012 article “The Dos and Don’ts of Cross-Training,” written by Julie Diana. In the article, Pilates Instructor Tara Hench-Berdo explains “Strengthening your core reduces stress on your lower back and improves spinal and pelvic alignment….It helps your arms and legs move with ease, which will translate into your dancing.”

It’s not surprising that Classical Ballet Theatre’s 2015 Summer Ballet Immersion included regular Pilates Mat Classes, provided by Artistic & Executive Director Cynthia Donavin, who is certified in Comprehensive Pilates Training (Cadillac, Reformer, Barrel, and Mat). Specializing in helping dancers and athletes reach 100% of their potential, Ms. Donavin offers private and group Pilates lessons to dancers who are overcoming injury or who want to improve their overall technique and strength.

Pilates has totally changed my life,” explains one of her dancers. “Ms. Donavin is very supportive, and she knows all about Pilates and ballet technique. Through her instruction, I’ve had many ‘aha!’ moments. I’m more in tune with my body — how it’s functioning and where it is in space, and my technique has improved so much in such a short amount of time. I’ll never stop cross-training with Pilates!”