What is it that we do at Classical Ballet Theatre?

Welcome to the first Classical Ballet Theatre (CBT) blog!

As the Executive Director of CBT, I am out in our community, on a daily basis, talking about the organization.  I am constantly asked “What is it that we do at CBT?”  I respond with an answer that has, over time, come to reflect the organization’s overall mission and that I also hope will be CBT’s legacy.  Cultural education is what we do at CBT.

What exactly does that mean?  Okay, literal definitions from Mr. Webster.  “Cultural” means “of or relating to artistic or social pursuits considered to be valuable or enlightened,” and “education” means “a program of instruction of a specific kind or level that can be an enlightening or instructive experience.”  This boils down to the definition of what we offer at CBT on a daily basis — A valuable artistic pursuit provided in a program of enlightened instruction.

Well, then you may ask, “What does ‘enlightened’ mean?”  Enlightened means “that which provides intellectual insight.”

CBT provides a valuable artistic pursuit that is taught and presented in a program that provides intellectual insight.

And that, my friends, is what we do at CBT on a daily basis.

See you next time for another look at “what goes on behind the scenes” at CBT!